Executive Committee

The Company is managed by an Executive Committee comprising Euan Temple, Chairman; Graham Ewing, Chief Executive; and Igor Grakov, Chief Technical Officer.

Mission statement

To commercialise the research of the Russian researcher Dr Igor Gennadyevich Grakov and to commercialise Strannik Technology in the world markets.

Aims and Objectives


Mimex Montague Healthcare Limited aims to develop Strannik Technology as a screening technique of choice to be used in primary care.

Through such means we aim to improve screening and therapeutic outcomes in patients and to improve quality of life in those with advancing morbidity.


To progressively validate each Strannik Technology application and to gain its introduction into the healthcare sector as a screening and therapeutic tool of choice.


Strannik Technology was developed by Dr Igor Gennadyevich Grakov at the University of Novosibirsk in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. Its origins arose out of laser research, particularly the medical application of industrial lasers. Dr Grakov identified a pattern of biological response to a waveform. This has screening and therapeutic applicability. The subsequent program of research led to development of a prototype technology and subsequently to its adoption by the Russian Health Authorities in 2001. Over 500 doctors have been trained in the use of this technology.

The challenge for this technology is to get each screening and therapeutic indication validated through programmes of clinical studies. It is widely recognised that colour perception is altered in the diabetic. Moreover published articles report that this change of colour perception occurs prior to the onset of diabetic retinopathy. This illustrates the screening principle upon which the technology is based.

It is recognised that flashing lights can cause migraine but also that flashing lights can be successfully used to treat migraine, dyslexia and other indications. This illustrates the therapeutic principle upon which the technology is based.

Advocates/Scientific Advisors

There are many people in the healthcare professions who have expressed their interest in our project to commercialise the Strannik technology developed by our Technical Director Dr Igor Gennadyevich Grakov.

Over 550 doctors have been trained to use the Strannik technology since the development of the technology in the period 1997-2001.

Various doctors, academics and clinicians have assisted the company e.g. (i) in clinical evaluation of the technology: Dr Juan-Carlos Duran, Spain; Dr Rakesh Mohanlall, South Africa & Dr Jamilla K. Adam, South Africa; (ii) as co-authors of published papers: Dr Ezekiel Nwose Uba, Dr Alexander Hankey; and (iii) as advocates and Scientific consultants/experts:

Dr Syed Hasan Parvez (ret) former Head of the CNRS Neuroendocrine Unit, France; former Asst Editor of Neuroendocrine Letters; former Editor-in-chief the Journal of NeuroCognitive Research (Act.Nerv.Sup.Rediviva); former Editor-in-chief Biogenic Amines; and author and co-author of 200-300 books and published papers make Hasan uniquely well qualified to comment upon the significance of Dr Grakov's Strannik technology and the underlying research.

Hasan's interests in the relationship between brain function, the endocrines and cognitive input commenced some years before the Strannik technology and were many years more advanced than contemporary biomedical research. Hasan, a senior scientist of life tenure with the French CNRS is now retired although retaining links with the university d'Orsay, Paris. He can be contacted at orsayneurosciences@gmail.com

Dr Brian Dailey M.D., FACEP, FACFE, trained in Surgery and Emergency Medicine, and has been an Attending Physician in Emergency Medicine since 1985. He is board certified in Emergency Medicine, Forensic Medicine, and Forensic Examination.

His prior research was in Laser Surgery, particularly in developing laparoscopic applications and tissue welding. Dr. Dailey was an Assistant Professor in Emergency Medicine, Clinical Instructor in Surgery, Complementary & Alternative Medicine, and Laser Safety Officer for the University of Rochester School of Medicine between 2003 - 2009. He is a member of the Professional Division, is on the Board of Advisors, and Board of Director Emeritus of The Monroe Institute (TMI) in Virginia, where he is involved in consciousness research. Dr Dailey was selected as one of America's Top Physicians by the Consumer Research Council, Washington, D.C. each year between 2004-2009. In 2018 Dr. Dailey was named Dean of Energetic Medicine, and Spiritual Medicine at Holos University. He can be contacted at bdailey@rochester.rr.com

Richard Walker, former Regulatory Affairs Director Medisense; former Business Development Director, ICON Development Solutions; former Chief Operations Officer, Swedish Biomimetics; and 2005-2018 former Regulatory Affairs Director, Medical Devices, Novartis Pharmaceuticals.

Dr Fouad M.A. Dehlawi, Associate Professor of Computer Engineering, Taibah University
Fouad spent many years at King Abdul Aziz University where he progressed to become Dean of the College of Computer Engineering. He pioneered the development and implementation of information and educational technology and the internet in secondary schools in collaboration with ministries of education in Saudi Arabia and various Gulf states. In addition he has worked as consultant to various local and government level organisations and private companies.

Emir Kamaric M.Sc.,
Emir Kamaric has a background in the fields of medical device innovations, international clinical trials, surgeon relations and education, and engineering. He has been involved in development, verification, validation and clinical implementation processes of new implants and coordinating various aspects of the patient-specific device designs.

He is currently consulting for several medical device companies by supporting them in their medical device business development needs and assisting their clinical implementation and clinical trials based at appropriate locations throughout the world depending on company’s needs. He was a recipient of the “Otto Aufranc Award” presented by The Hip Society of the USA and has collaborated on more than 130 publications and oral presentations (http://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=en&user=tCCJflMAAAAJ).

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