Mission statement

To commercialise the research of the Russian researcher Dr Igor Gennadyevich Grakov and to commercialise Strannik Technology in the world markets.

Aims and Objectives


Mimex Montague Healthcare Limited aims to develop Strannik Technology as a screening technique of choice to be used in primary care.

Through such means we aim to improve screening and therapeutic outcomes in patients and to improve quality of life in those with advancing morbidity.


To progressively validate each Strannik Technology application and to gain its introduction into the healthcare sector as a screening and therapeutic tool of choice.


Strannik Technology was developed by Dr Igor Gennadyevich Grakov at the University of Novosibirsk in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. Its origins arose out of laser research, particularly the medical application of industrial lasers. Dr Grakov identified a pattern of biological response to a waveform. This has screening and therapeutic applicability. The subsequent program of research led to development of a prototype technology and subsequently to its adoption by the Russian Health Authorities in 2001. Over 500 doctors have been trained in the use of this technology.

The challenge for this technology is to get each screening and therapeutic indication validated through programmes of clinical studies. It is widely recognised that colour perception is altered in the diabetic. Moreover published articles report that this change of colour perception occurs prior to the onset of diabetic retinopathy. This illustrates the screening principle upon which the technology is based.

It is recognised that flashing lights can cause migraine but also that flashing lights can be successfully used to treat migraine, dyslexia and other indications. This illustrates the therapeutic principle upon which the technology is based.

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