Health Scanning Software

There have been different versions of Strannik technology which have been introduced in recent years. The current version has evolved in response for a technology which is easier to install than the previous version(s). The current version is now much easier to install. The only possible problem is that an anti-virus programme i.e. another software program, could identify this program as a virus and interfere with the installation of the software. If so this requires only that the anti-virus program be given instructions to recognise the Strannik program. It is a simple process for anyone who has an adequate knowledge of computers.

Future alterations to the program are likely to be developed in order to address several outstanding problems but these are mainly to address internal MMHL issues e.g. payment for tests.

The current version runs on Windows XP Pro, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It has also been successfully installed on an Apple Mac computer with bridging software which enables it to run Windows.

The concept behind the Strannik technology is fully developed. There is unlikely to be any future alterations to the basic algorithms. We welcome any enquiries from companies which may wish to have a customised version of the technology i.e. to give it their own brand and/or for it to be identified with their company. It could for example be marketed as a psychological-only technology, or to diagnose one particular medical condition, or to treat one particular medical condition.