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January 2018

The organisers of Healthcare Conference 2018, Euroscicon, have today (friday 12th January 2018) issued the following invitation: Keynote Speech on "Strannik is the first medical technology to incorporate an understanding of how the brain regulates the body's function" by Graham Ewing, Mimex Montague Healthcare Limited, London. This conference is focussed upon new technologies which can influence health & primary care; and is scheduled to take place at the Radisson Park Hotel, Heathrow on 28th and 29th May 2018. At this conference we will discuss the fundamental principles upon which this technology is based; how the technology works; and how it can be applied to screen and treat the health of patients".

February 2017

Appointed the leading SEO specialist First Found to manage MMHL's social media presence

Attended Meridian Live 2017 an innovation-oriented conference and exhibition organised by West Midlands Academic Health Science Network and gave a 30 minute presentation.

January 2017

Completion of a meta-analysis of all published and hitherto unpublished data of circa 10,000 patients who have been screened or treated using Strannik technology.

November 2016

Completion of a 58 patient clinical study in South Africa; currently under peer-review.

July 2016

Presentation to the SAI Computing Conference held at the Excel Centre, London

Ewing GW. Science or Non-Science. The challenge for medical research - to explain neuro-regulation. IEEE Technically Sponsored SAI Computing Conference 2016 (13-15 July 2016 | London, UK).

November 2015

Invited speaker at the 7th International Chongqing Neurology Forum

October 2015

Completion of a 20 patient non-clinical study in Spain; now reported following peer-review.

Ewing GW, Duran JC (2016) A Report of the Ability of Strannik Virtual Scanning to Screen the Health of a Randomly Selected Cohort of Patients. Enliven: Neurol Neurotech 2016;2(1):001.

January 19th 2015

We have today re-registered Strannik technology with the MHRA as a self-certified Class 1 medical device under the category Z301 standalone software.

Publication of a peer-reviewed paper which illustrated that Strannik technology meets, almost in its entirety, the key aims and objectives of the European Commission's Human Brain Project.

Ewing GW, Grakov IG (2015) A Comparison of the Aims and Objectives of the Human Brain Project with Grakov's Mathematical Model of the Autonomic Nervous System (Strannik Technology). Enliven: Neurol Neurotech 2015;1(1): 002.

October 2013

Announcing the merger of the Russian company MIMEX Inc and the UK-based company Montague Healthcare; and the formation of:
Mimex Montague Healthcare Limited
Mulberry House, 6 Vine Farm Close
Cotgrave, Nottingham
United Kingdom, Post code: NG12 3TU
Company registered in England & Wales no 8439352

Press Release January 2014

please read our press release here

Book Now Available

Ewing GW. The Great Medical Controversy of our Time: Why Vaccines MUST be Implicated in the Occurrence of Regressive Autism.
ISBN 978-0-9556213-1-4 pub Montague Healthcare Books.

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