Executive Committee

The Company is managed by an Executive Committee comprising Graham Ewing, Chief Executive; and Igor Grakov, Chief Technical Officer.

Directors and Management Team

The Company is managed by an Executive Committee comprising Graham Ewing, Chief Executive; and Igor Grakov, Chief Technical Officer. Euan Temple is the non-executive chairman.

Euan Temple

Euan Temple qualified as a solicitor in 1970. He specialised in business law, business transfers, intellectual property, international trade, anti-trust/competition law and regulatory compliance. He retired from full time private practice in 2013 to enable him to concentrate on various continuing business ventures. Euan was nominated in 1994 in "Euromoney" (an independent publication) as one of the World's leading Merger and Acquisition lawyers. He was one of only three lawyers in the UK, who were nominated for this singular honour outside the City of London. In 1990 Euan was accredited by ADR Group as a Commercial Mediator and was nominated in 2012 as a national "leader in the field" by Chambers Directory, (an independent publication). This was not a 'first' for Euan as he had been nominated similarly in previous years. Euan was one of the 1990 founders of a European international lawyers network of English speaking business lawyers called "Eurolegal". Access to other network member firms across Western and Central Europe (and contacts worldwide) has proved vital when negotiating and conducting cross-border joint ventures and corporate work. From 1995-1998 Euan was its Chairman, and is currently its President. Thus he has extremely wide experience of the legal minefield of European Law throughout the EU, and of international trade beyond the EU. Euan frequently writes and speaks on European and UK Competition Law topics, on E-commerce topics, and has published two books on EU Public Procurement Law. He likes "Positive Thinking" and dislikes "Red Tape"!

Graham Ewing B.Sc.

Businessman and author of over 50 articles regarding the scientific rationale for Strannik technology which have been published in internationally peer-reviewed medical journals. Graham is a Systems Biologist (the emphasis is upon 'the physiological systems') of growing international repute. He has a rating of 13.57 on Research Gate and is regularly invited to submit short commentaries, editorials and papers to medical journals; to compile chapters for inclusion in books and to make presentations of this work at medical conferences throughout the world.

Dr Igor Grakov MD

Medical doctor, physicist, mathematician. Dr Grakov is the developer of Strannik technology and is a highly respected Russian researcher. It was his research - into the medical application of industrial lasers whilst at the University of Novosibirsk - which resulted in the development of Strannik Light Therapy and Strannik Virtual Scanning. Dr Grakov has pursued his dream of commercialising Strannik technology as a mainstream medical technology since creating Mimex in 1983.

Regulatory Affairs Director

The role of regulatory affairs director is covered by our relationship with the medical device consultant: Full Spectrum Innovations ApS (Directors: Richard Walker (fmr Regulatory Affairs Director, Medisense; fmr Regulatory Affairs Director, Medical Devices, Novartis Pharmaceuticals 2014-18) and Alexander.J.Booth)