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Mimex Montague Healthcare was formed from the merger of the Russian company MIMEX OOO and the UK-based company. The IP developed by Dr Grakov is now owned by Mimex Montague Healthcare Limited. All necessary documentation is available for inspection by interested investors.

We have interest from major healthcare organisations, supermarket and pharmacy chains, private healthcare and hospital groups, distributors, and government Health Ministries which have the potential to lead to sales from many thousands of Strannik systems. We are in receipt of proposals to undertake the clinical evaluation of Strannik Virtual Scanning. It is for this reason that we seek funding to facilitate such studies.

The current evidence-base comprises circa 30 clinical studies which were conducted by a wide range of clinicians in the Russian market. Three universities - St Petersburg, Astrakhan and Vladivostok - have independently assessed and commended the technology. Of these studies the report by Vysochin, reporting the results of 7,500 patients, is the most thorough and indicates that Strannik Virtual Scanning operates at a level which is 2-23% more precise than the current range of screening tests against which it was compared and that Strannik Light Therapy operates at a level of 83-96% effectiveness. A non-clinical study conducted in Spain in October 2015, similar to that of the GP's consultation, illustrated that Strannik Virtual Scanning was able to determine ALL known medical conditions in 17 of the 20 patients. Of the remainder, one was unable to complete the test satisfactorily due to cognitive problems and the remaining two did not declare their known health so it was not possible to claim that the Strannik Virtual Scanning results were correct. Such results were broadly similar to another non-clinical study conducted in Nottingham in late 2014 when, in an extremely non-ideal environment, Strannik Virtual Scanning was able to determine the health of 16 of 21 of the tested patients. Of the remainder 4 had problems completing the test due to the high levels of noise and bright light - it was recommended that they repeat the test in a more suitable test environment - whilst the last patient disputed the test outcomes. This does not however mean that the test results were wrong! Such results are highly statistically significant. Mimex Montague Healthcare has used this technology in the UK since 2003. The results obtained appear to validate the claims made by Russian clinicians which are reported herein.

We have compiled an extensive series of published peer-reviewed papers which illustrate how the technology performs (i) to diagnose complex pathologies such as Depression, Diabetes and diabetic circulatory problems, cardiovascular disease, Raynaud's phenomenon, Migraine, etc; and (ii) how the technology has been able to treat Dysarthria, Sleep Apnoea, Dyslexia, Migraine, etc. The extensive list of Case Studies compiled by MMHL, often supported by patient testimonials, supports the data provided by Russian clinicians.

The principle upon which Strannik Virtual Scanning (SVS) is based is more advanced than contemporary methods of diagnosing disease e.g. it is a more advanced technique than 'biomarkers' and 'genetic screening'. It is based upon the observation that light stimulates physiological processes and, moreover, that the emeregnce of pathological processes is accompanied by the emission of biophotons which influence colour perception and brain function. This has been justified in articles published in circa 60 internationally peer-reviewed medical journals. Moreover, the existence of the European Commission's €1.2BN funded Human Brain Project enables us to illustrate that we have a finished technology which meets the key aims and objectives of this research project i.e. (i) to determine what the brain does and how it does it - it regulates the body's function and functions as a neuromodulator; (ii) to develop a new generation of cognitively-based screening technology - see Strannik Virtual Scanning; and (iii) is able to understand and apply the multi-level nature of brain function with therapeutic effect - see Strannik Light Therapy.

An independent review of the technology, conducted by ICON Development Solutions, indicated the possibility to reduce the cost of diagnosing and treating diabetes from £9BN pa to circa £2BN pa (assuming 100% compliance with lifestyle recommendations). The same rationale applied to cardiovascular disease would reduce the £14BN pa total spend to an estimated £5BN pa. This illustrates the scale of the business opportunity in just the UK. It is a technology for our time.

If interested please contact Graham Ewing
G.Ewing, Chief Executive Officer
13th December 2012

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