Full Health Screening Test

We have developed an innovative way to screen your health using a virtual scanning software which will allow us to provide a course of treatment via Strannik light therapy. Book your full health screening consultation in Nottingham today.

How Does The Technology Work?
Strannik technology is based upon a mathematical model of the autonomic nervous system and physiological systems. The screening test is based upon measuring changes of colour perception, which is known to be associated with the Autonomic Nervous System.

The Strannik technology comprises Strannik Virtual Scanning (SVS) and Strannik Light Therapy (SLT). SVS is a full body scan technology, which has an unprecedented ability to determine the health of the patient i.e. it is able to determine 5-15 pathologies in each of the 30 main organs, to differentiate between and quantify the extent of the genotype and phenotype in each pathology, and to determine the earliest onset of each pathology from its presymptomatic origins. The screening technique is non-invasive and safer than contemporary diagnostic and health tests.

How is the Test Performed?
The task for the patient is to study and memorise the colours of a video, which is shown for 15 seconds. At the end of this time, a colour filter is imposed over the video. The task for the patient is to use the mouse to select colours from the colour palette at the bottom of the screen and to re-create, to the best of their abilities, the original colour balance. There are typically 4 – 5 videos so the whole body check-up takes 2 – 3 minutes.

Process of Scanning Treatment
The Strannik software technology, which comprises Strannik Virtual Scanning & Strannik Light Therapy, is split into the following process:

Reviews of Strannik Light Therapy

Strannik Light therapy has been used to treat patients since the mid-1990’s. Over 600 medically-qualified doctors have been trained to use Strannik. A comprehensive list of Case Studies is provided at the following link.

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